Founded in 1979, Mr. Compresseur rapidly became one of the best specialists in vehicle air conditioning in Quebec. Every summer more than 300 air conditioning maintenance services and repairs are completed.

Leader in the reconstruction of compressors and the sale of air conditioning parts across the network of garages and dealerships of Quebec, Mr. Compresseur has forged an excellent reputation in terms of its inventory.

Encompassing compressors from the 1950’s (the beginnings of vehicle air conditioning) all the way up to today’s models, it rebuilds them and puts them back into good working condition. Even those from tractors and certain plane models.

This public reputation is the result of years of hard work and attention to details. Evaluating the cost and scope of a problem, a defect, with a discerning eye, can undoubtedly only come with practice. Its wealth of knowledge and experience has been at your service to guarantee comfort and peace of mind for more than 30 years.

Masters in the repair of vehicle air conditioning systems and the reconstruction of compressors, they are dedicated to repairing that which has suffered damage or deterioration. You have the vehicle, they have the know-how.

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